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Family Service

Family Service

One of the most difficult decisions you will ever be faced with is who will provide care for your child or family member. We understand what you are going through and we want to help you find a caregiver who will be best suited to your family.

We specialize in helping Canadian families seeking high quality and reliable child or elderly care to find the right person to entrust their loved ones. We strive to find the best candidates from Ukraine who are eager to provide qualified aid. We carefully match our Excellent European caregivers from Ukraine, to the specific needs and personality of a client, and personally introduce the caregiver to the client and family member.

After viewing the caregivers' profiles you will certainly find the right candidate for your family. When a caregiver is found to your satisfaction, the hiring process can start. We will prepare all the paperwork for you and submit an application to HRSDC for approval. We also guide your caregiver to apply for a Canadian work permit in his/her country of residence.

What are the advantages of engaging a Ukrainian nanny? Consider the following benefits:

  • University Degree
  • Minimal cultural differences
  • Driving ability
  • Musical training
  • Arts and Crafts ability
  • Sport activities

An important requirement

You must provide acceptable working conditions, reasonable duties and fair market wages. You must also provide accommodation that ensures privacy, such as a private room with a lock on the door. Your caregiver pays rent for a room in your home and is entitled to privacy. You should not enter the caregiver's room without permission. You should provide your employee with a key to the house to ensure freedom of access. Your house is your employee's home as well as his/her place of work. You should respect the caregiver's cultural or religious practices and discuss his/her needs. A live-in caregiver is protected by employment standards legislation in most provinces and territories. Live-in employees are entitled to days off each week, statutory holidays, extra pay for overtime work and a salary that is consistent with the provincial wage rate of the employment. Review and adjust the foreign caregiver's wages to ensure they meet or exceed HRSDC's requirements (as per HRSDC's Wages table ).

Hiring a nanny from Ukraine takes approximately 3-5 months from start to finish.

Please contact us if you want to find out more information or if you would like to make arrangements for a telephone interview.

Here you will find a listing of qualified professional caregivers/nannies. If your profile search does not return any matches, please contact us for additional information as we have new nannies registering on an ongoing basis.

You may click here to browse all our nanny profiles.

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