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Find Cooks

Find Cooks

Cooks remains highly demanded profession in Canada. Canada is facing a high shortage of cooks so this profession is present in the current 29 professions list of Canadian immigration.

Hiring cooks can be a daunting task: It's time- and paperwork-intensive, but more and more companies are looking abroad to fill their vacant positions. If you cannot find Canadian citizens to hire at the prevailing wage for the occupation, you may be able to find them outside the Canada.

We do not charge any fees to potential employers or employees for placing a resume or searching for an appropriate candidate. You can choose a candidate from our data base or ask for personalized cook recruitment. In such case the possible candidates that come forward out of that advertising campaign are then screened by our office. This screened group will be presented to you for interviews via web-cam. We eliminate from the process any foreign workers that do not meet our standards and then present this screened group of foreign workers to our client to choose from. This extensive screening process gives us the confidence to offer our clients a guarantee on our candidates.

As an employer, feel free to browse through our Cook Profiles of qualified skilled workers. Once you have made your selection, and would like to make arrangements for a telephone or web-cam interview or if your profile search does not return any matches, please contact us to obtain more detailed information. For Canadian companies who have already selected a cook we also prerare applications for HRDC job validation (also known as Labor Market opinion application), IT work permit and visa applications as well as all pertaining translations.