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Find Workers

Find Workers

When an employer hires Ukrainian worker, then there are numerous documents that must be dealt with. This documentation not only includes the overseas worker's contract but also includes other factors such as work permits and visas.

If you are interested in hiring Ukrainian workers then you need to prepare necessary documents so that the employment relationship can continue, the employee can avoid deportation and you can avoid any consequences for illegally employing a foreign worker. Generally, the government will only approve foreign workers to fill jobs that are essential to the Canada or United States economy and for which the employer has been unable to find workers to fill the position.

Our goal is to help foriegn employers and Ukrainian workers to find each other. If you want, we may prepare all the necessary documents and translations.

Nevertheless, you may prepare the applications and translations yourself or use services of other companies.

Our data base comprises numerous highly qualified Ukrainian workers available for employment in Canada or USA in many occupations including the following: