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Kalamar is a company that provides website translation and document translation services as well as immigration services to US and Canada for individuals or families who wish to move temporarily and permanently into these countries. We render a wide range of services including professional assistance with permanent residence visa processing, student visas, business migration, job search, etc. We have global experience in dealing with international clients from around the world. We will help you determine which visa is best for your situation, gather and prepare all required and necessary documents.

Canadian and US employers are often looking for foreign workers to fill the labour shortage and to start work as soon as possible. In many occupation categories, employers cannot wait for several years for applicants to come as permanent immigrants. In these situations, our firm can assist employers to find skilled foreign workers and bring them to workplace on a temporary worker visa. We assist foreign workers to find suitable jobs in Canada or US in some occupation category.

For your convenience, we work flexible hours. Under some circumstances, your consultation can be given during the weekend. We provide more ways of consulting by phone/Skype, in person, chat, and e-mail.

Please Contact Us for further information about our services and current pricing. We believe you will find our pricing very competitive and our level of service excellent. Whichever service you choose we will provide you with the best possible advice, materials, assistance and representation. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

Our company has agreed to abide by all PAYPAL policies. As many of you know, Paypal is a world, credit-card processing company. We are a Paypal's verified merchant. We are doing it for your extra protection. If a dispute arises when it comes to receiving payments or service, we are bound to follow Paypal's policies and regulations in solving disputes. Please find any other service providers who agreed to provide you with this extra protection. We want you to recommend our service to your friends.

If we will not be able to file some petition on your behalf, we will return your money. We bet you will not be able to find a better deal anywhere else. Thus, go ahead and taste us. Experience the best service there is!

Our headquarters are located in Lviv, Ukraine. Our company cooperates with reputable OHIO EXPORT CORPORATION in the United States of America.

Thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to introduce our company and services.