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IT Worker Program

IT Worker Program

In response to the need of employers to fill critical shortages in the software industry, the Government of Canada has streamlined the entry of Information Technology (IT) workers. Those workers whose skills are in high demand in the software industry are subject to a facilitated entry program.

The dynamic Information Technology (IT) Workers visa allows the fast-track processing of visa applications for skilled professionals in the software industry seeking to gain valuable Canadian work experience on a temporary basis. The Information Technology Work visa allows applicants with the required education and experience in the specified products or technologies to apply under this versatile program.

Effective October 1, 2010, employers who wish to hire foreign workers previously eligible for IT facilitated processing will be required to apply for a Labour Market Opinion.

Applicants must be able to communicate in English or French, and provide evidence of sufficient experience in the specified IT industries and specified products or technologies. Once approved, applicants will be allowed to be issued a work permit. Applicants are also eligible for work permit renewals.

To be eligible for a work permit under the IT worker program, the employment must fit one of these occupations:

  • Senior Animation Effects Editor;
  • Embedded Systems Software Designer;
  • MIS Software Designer;
  • Multimedia Software Developer;
  • Software Developer Services;
  • Software Products Developer;
  • Telecommunications Software Designer;

Required skills and experience, education, language ability, and an appropriate wage/salary are specified for each job description.

Applicants who are admitted to Canada under this program may also qualify for Canadian permanent residence under applicable programs.

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