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Service for IT Workers

Service for IT Workers

If you are an information technology (IT) specialist and you have the necessary education, skills and experience, then you have what Canadian company needs.

Kalamar IT Job board allows you to post your job openings. The job board displays daily information about your skills that is read by a large number of information technology Companies.

Please fill our online IT Technical Skills Summary form; this document ensures that every skill you have acquired will be viewed. We will include you in our database and create your profile for Canadian companies to browse.

When you fill out all the above information, it will be processed and placed in our database. We will contact you when we can place you with a Canadian Company.

We provide our services to help you and your foreign employer obtain:

  • The Labor Market Opinion;
  • Work Permit;
  • Extension on the Work Permit;
  • Permanent Residence Status in Canada;

Just fill out the online form and your job will be posted within some hours.

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