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Our flat fee billing system

We offer excellent service at reasonable and predictable cost. We use a flat fee rather than an hourly billing system. With our flat fee system you will know your total costs at the beginning of the process and will never be surprised with hidden or unanticipated costs.

Our service generally consists of the following:

  • Collect and review background information;
  • Meeting or telephone conference to review supporting documents;
  • Prepare application forms;
  • Provide list of supporting documents in English tailored to your case;
  • Translation of foreign language documents into English;
  • Schedule interview with US Embassy or other government agency;
  • Prepare necessary supporting letters.

Our fees vary according to the complexity of individual cases. We are open to different payment arrangements.

Visa or Petition Type Fee
Visitor Visa (USA) $200 to $300
Visitor Visa (Canada) Starts from $300
Green Card Application (USA) $700 to $1000
Federal Skilled Worker Application (Canada) $700 to $1000
Quebec-selected Worker Application $700 to $1000
K-1 Fiance Visa $700 to $1000
K-3 Spouse Visa $500 to $700
Temporary Worker visa $900 to $1,100
Live-in Caregiver visa $1,500 to $2,000
IT visa $2,000
Religious Worker visa $800 to $1,100
Intracompany Transferee (a startup company would be at the higher end) $1,000 to $1,800
Naturalization $200 to $400
Permanent Labor Certification $1,400 to $1,800
Employment Authorization $50 to $100
Reentry Permit / Advance Parole $50 to $150
Removal of Conditions $300 to $350
Extension of Stay $400 to $600
Investor Green Card Visa $2000 to $2500
Visa for Persons of Extraordinary Ability $1,500
Visa for Athletes & Entertainers $1,200
Other Visa & Immigration Matters Please contact us for a fee quote.

There are no hidden extras with our fee structure.


In the event that the Client’s Application for Permanent Residence is not successful, Kalamar Corporation will refund the Client the full amount of service fees. The refund does not apply to:

  • Government cost recovery fees, including the Right of Permanent Residence Fees;
  • Courier and/or postage costs and expenses related to the Client’s file;
  • Long distance telephone or facsimile communications.

Kalamar Corp. money-back guarantee does not apply when and if:

  • The Client misrepresents information regarding the Client’s or any member of the Client’s family regarding the selection criteria outlined in the Immigration Act or any other information relevant to the process of the Application;
  • The Client submits fraudulent documents in support of the Application;
  • The Client or any member of the Client’s family is determined by Immigration Service to be medically or criminally inadmissible;
  • The Client fails to submit information or documents required by Immigration Service in support of the Application;
  • The Client fails to present the letter of refusal of the Application received from Immigration office responsible for processing the Application.
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