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Temporary Worker Visa

Temporary Worker Visa

Every year, over 90,000 individuals are admitted as foreign workers into Canada. With the current demographic challenges, slowing labour force growth and increasing labour shortages, many foreigners will be recruited to come to Canada and meet this increasing demand for workers.

A Temporary Work visa is a popular choice for applicants who wish to come to work and live in Canada as soon as possible. This visa will allow applicants to work and live in Canada, and gain Canadian work experience. The Federal government's expansive Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows eligible foreign workers to work in Canada for an authorized period of time if their employers can demonstrate that they are unable to find suitable Canadians/permanent residents to fill the jobs and that the entry of these workers will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labour market.

Our company provides immigration services to foreign workers who wish to enter Canada or organizations who wish to bring foreign workers into Canada to meet their human resource needs. Among other things, we will consider a number of factors in determining the best approach to your case. We will consider factors such as:

  • whether the foreign worker requires or does not require a work permit for the activity he/she wants to engage in (i.e. are you exempt or not exempt from the requirement for a work permit)
  • if the foreign worker requires a work permit, we will also consider whether he or she also requires a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). For most jobs, the Labour Market Opinion is required before a work permit application is considered complete. The LMO confirms that the Canadian employer is authorised to employ a foreign worker.
  • whether there is an international agreement under which the foreign worker can apply for a work permit

Depending on the type of work they will undertake in Canada and where they have resided in the last year, foreign workers may also require a medical examination before entering Canada.

Once a Temporary Work visa has been issued, a Temporary Worker visa holder will be allowed to live and work in Canada for a specified period of time, generally between 6 months and 2 years. Accompanying partners and children may also be eligible to work and study.

A Foreign Worker may also be eligible to have their application for permanent residence processed during their temporary stay in Canada, allowing them to become permanent residents of Canada, once the application is approved.